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Your Protection Shouldn’t Be Pricey

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For over a decade, Intercept Security Services has become a leading Calgary security company that’s trusted by many for reliable protection.  Our professionals specialize in various security services, from private investigation to construction site security, to just name a few. We are dedicated to utilizing our expertise to meet your security needs head-on. Our team achieves this through ongoing training and education of our guards, managers, and personnel. In tandem, we value working closely with you to provide a thorough risk assessment for ultimate protection. We can ensure your security needs are heard and understood by creating a solid foundation of trust, integrity, communication, and commitment with you. Whether you require uniformed or undercover guards, you can count on us to be reliable, professional, and courteous. Regardless of industry, location, or security requirements, we guarantee to create a surveillance plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

The Top Security Guard Services in Calgary
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Rapid, Reliable, Interception For Your Protection

Protection shouldn’t be pricey. Intercept Security Services prioritizes providing peace of mind through our various security services. By working closely with you, we can help develop an affordable surveillance plan to meet your unique security needs. Don’t let cost compromise your safety & contact us today! 

What Sets Us Apart From Any Security Guard in Calgary

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Real-Time Reporting

Our real-time reporting exemplifies our commitment to integrity & rapid response time. We set this standard by having our guards always wear body cameras. These requirements ensure accountability, trust, & most importantly - swift protection.

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GPS Tracking

One of our core values is integrity. Our team upholds this by setting up geofence perimeters and GPS tracking. From these security measures, we ensure by seeing if guards are on or off the premises.

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Available 24/7

You never know when a security breach can occur. For round-the-clock protection, we have guards available 24/7 for daily & nightly patrols. We also offer security camera installation for 24/7 monitoring & surveillance of any sites.

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Specialized Security

We know various industries have unique security needs to be met. Our guards’ specialized training equips them to handle any job site. Whether it's construction sites or retail, you’re in good hands with us.

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Personable Service

Your protection is our priority. Our hands-on approach to security & surveillance. You can rely on us to provide peace of mind and protection by working with you to understand your security needs.

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Scalable Security

No job is too big or small for us. We can scale our security to meet your needs. Need a single guard or more? Security for a day or need a contract? Whatever you need, we can do.

Your Protection Is Our Priority

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Reliable Risk Assessment For Your Protection

Dedicated & Capable

Intercept’s dream team are all dedicated, certified, & engaged security guards. Our guards strike the perfect balance as friendly liaisons & handling criminal activity effectively. With Intercept, you only get the best of the best.

Top-Notch Training

Our superior security services boil down to how we shape our security guards. At Intercept, our guards are the best-trained individuals in the industry. From our mandatory job-site training, general training, & ongoing coaching, your protection is ensured.

Trustworthy Professionals

Have you had a negative experience with unprofessional & careless guards? Gone are those days with our security guards at Intercept. Our high-quality service wouldn’t be possible without our trustworthy, responsible team of professionals.

Why We’re #1 For Security in Calgary & Southern Alberta

Are you looking for a security guard in Calgary that meets your unique security needs? With Intercept Security Services, we set the standard for security services in Calgary by providing our team extensive training before entering the field. Unlike others in our industry, we’re proud to have a high staff retention rate by offering fair wages, performance-based raises, and opportunities within the company. From our approach, our guards are loyal and incentivized to perform at their best. For further measures, we maintain high-security standards by performing regular surprise site checks and requiring our guards to comply with GPS tracking regulations. Whatever your security needs are, Intercept Security Services will provide you with a team of loyal, personable and responsible individuals.

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