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Providing 24/7 security services in Calgary, our company offers expert security guards for private and commercial needs.

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Our Security Services

We provide comprehensive security offerings, including on-site guards, mobile patrol, surveillance, alarm response, and specialized security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our services ensure safety and peace of mind across all sectors.

Mobile Patrol

Get swift protection wherever with our mobile service. Our guards are equipped with GPS mapping devices while on patrol, so they’re always first at the scene.
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Security System Installation

Proper security measures require having eyes and ears everywhere. We provide expert security camera installation to help you monitor security breaches before they happen.
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Front Desk Concierge

Intercept is here to serve you protection. Our concierge services ensure we represent you as you see fit while keeping your protection our priority.
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Uniformed Security Guard

Prevention is the best way to stop crime. Our uniformed security guards act as a visual deterrent from crime, which helps greatly reduce security issues.
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Loss Prevention

Theft can significantly impact your business. Protect your assets with our loss prevention services, which include audits, secret shoppers, & undercover security guards.
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Parking Enforcement

How can you maximize the revenue & availability of each space in your parking lot? From effective parking enforcement. With Intercept, we can meet your security needs.
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Risk Assessment & Management

A good security plan requires a proper risk assessment to execute its management effectively. We’ll work with you to understand your security needs for ultimate protection.
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Our Clients and Areas of Coverage

Intercept Security Services caters to a diverse clientele across Calgary, offering customized security solutions for various industries, including:

Our expertise ensures that each sector’s unique security needs are met with precision and professionalism.

Leading the Way for Calgary Security Guard Services

Intercept Security Services is a leading security guard company in Calgary. Built on trust, integrity, communication, and commitment, our company prioritizes peace of mind. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we exercise our proven expertise to build and execute tailored solutions centred on client safety and satisfaction. With over a decade of experience in the industry and the best-trained guards and personnel, you won’t find a better security company.

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What Sets Us Apart From Any Security Guard in Calgary

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Cutting-Edge Technology

With future-oriented strategies to combat the security challenges of tomorrow, Intercept is committed to your ongoing safety. Our cutting-edge technology includes advanced surveillance systems, state-of-the-art alarm systems, and intelligent access control solutions.

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Proven Expertise

With decades of experience in security, our proven expertise sets us apart from other companies. Our depth of knowledge in every field, from risk assessment to emergency responses, ensures that every security challenge is met with a rapid and professional response.


Tailored Solutions

At Intercept, we work with various industries, from governments to businesses in the energy sector. As a result, we specialize in creating tailored security solutions. Our approach involves a thorough needs assessment followed by a custom security plan.

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Ongoing Training

We believe that a well-trained security team is the backbone of effective security services. We offer comprehensive security training, job-site training, and ongoing coaching so that our team is prepared to handle any situation with professionalism and skill.

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Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is essential for maintaining trust and transparency with our clients. Our clients receive live updates on security statuses, incident reports, and other relevant information, ensuring that you are always informed and in control of your security.

Scalable Security

OHS Compliant

Safety is our top priority. We are COR-certified and maintain compliance with Federal and Provincial occupational health and safety policies. We conduct regular threat assessments, personnel performance audits, and technology and equipment inspections.

Security in Calgary Customized Just for You

Tailored Services

Intercept Security Services specializes in customized security solutions, meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of each client within Calgary. Whether protecting businesses, managing events, or securing residential areas, our approach is tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of different industries.


Choosing our customized security services leads to increased effectiveness, optimal resource allocation, and enhanced satisfaction. Clients benefit from security solutions that are not only efficient but also specifically aligned with their particular security concerns.

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to providing superior, client-specific security solutions sets us apart in Calgary. With a focus on customization, our services ensure that every security measure is perfectly suited to the needs of our clients, making us a trusted partner in security.

Join Our Circle of Protected Clients

We work closely with our clients to develop affordable surveillance plans to meet their unique needs. Don’t let cost compromise your safety.

Our Mission as a Security Company

Our mission is shaped by a culture of integrity and dedication, influencing every aspect of our operations. This core mission guides our employees in their daily conduct, fostering a responsive and committed workforce. It also serves to strengthen our customer relationships, ensuring trust and reliability in every interaction, and aligning our goals with the security needs of our clients.

Why We’re #1 For Security in Calgary

Intercept Security Services stands out as Calgary’s top security provider due to our:

Highly trained and licensed personnel

Utilization of the latest technological advancements

Proactive risk assessments

Tailored security strategies

Real-time reporting

These factors collectively make sure of unparalleled security service and client satisfaction that will keep you and your property safe 24/7.

Challenges and Solutions in Calgary's Security Industry

In Calgary’s security industry, common challenges include high crime rates, diverse security demands, and evolving technological threats. Intercept Security Services addresses these issues with innovative solutions like advanced surveillance technologies, dynamic risk assessment models, and specialized training programs that equip guards to handle various security scenarios effectively, ensuring comprehensive safety for all clients.

See How Our Security Guards Make a Difference

Are you looking for a security guard in Calgary that meets your unique security needs? We offer fair wages, performance-based raises, and opportunities within the company. From our approach, our guards are loyal and incentivized to perform at their best. For further measures, we maintain high-security standards by performing regular surprise site checks and requiring our guards to comply with GPS tracking regulations. Whatever your security needs are, Intercept Security Services will provide you with a team of loyal, personable and responsible individuals.

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Protection shouldn’t be pricey. Intercept Security Services prioritizes providing peace of mind through our various security services. By working closely with you, we can help develop an affordable surveillance plan to meet your unique security needs. Don’t let cost compromise your safety & contact us today! 

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In Calgary, a security guard can provide crucial services, including on-site surveillance, access control, incident response, and emergency assistance. They play a key role in deterring criminal activities, ensuring safety, and maintaining order within various premises.

Security services are essential for businesses, residential communities, event organizers, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and any entity seeking to protect their assets, ensure safety, and maintain a secure environment for their operations and daily activities.

Investing in security services helps prevent losses from theft or damage, enhances safety for employees and customers, and can significantly reduce insurance costs. It provides peace of mind, knowing that professional measures are in place to handle unforeseen incidents efficiently.

To get a security service quote from Intercept Security Services in Calgary, simply contact us through our website, call our dedicated number, or visit our office. We’ll assess your specific needs to provide a detailed and tailored quote that fits your security requirements.

Our security guards are trained at certified programs where they learn various skills, including surveillance techniques, crisis management, legal compliance, and customer service, ensuring they meet the high standards required for security operations in Calgary.

Yes, we can customize security solutions to meet specific needs. Our approach involves assessing the unique risks and requirements of each client and crafting a strategy that effectively addresses those specific security concerns.

The cost of a 24-hour security guard service varies depending on several factors, such as the location, type of assignment, and specific requirements. For an accurate quote tailored to your needs, please contact our sales team who will provide detailed pricing based on your specific security needs.