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Business security requires comprehensive security solutions for both commercial and office sites. Our team of experts, advanced technology, and round-the-clock monitoring guarantee the ultimate protection for your business and its resources to provide comfort and safety. Trust in an Intercept Security Services commercial security guard to protect your possessions and personnel!

Professional Protection for Professional Spaces

Every industry has certain security measures that must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety. As a top choice security company in Calgary, we’re well-acquainted with providing specialized commercial security services for various industries. By understanding your unique security needs and our dedication to specialized training, any commercial security guard from us is well-equipped to handle business security of any kind.  


Before we train our guards, we’ll develop a security risk assessment plan and implement security policies and procedures. By working closely with you, we can help solve security problems before they arise and provide invaluable insight toward determining resources to address foreseeable risks. Based on our assessment findings, we present the information to our staff about all the unique challenges or potential dangers. 


Whether an office or bigger commercial spaces like construction sites, our commercial security services and guards can cater to your circumstances for guaranteed protection.

How Business Security Benefits You

Scalable Security

Peace of Mind

Safeguard your business by allowing our guards to provide access control. No more worrying over having unwanted strangers walk inside & creating disturbances. Keep such security threats at bay for everyone to have better peace of mind.

Scalable Security

Valuable Assets Secured

A commercial or office building & everything inside it is a valuable asset. From handling vandalism to potential theft, you can rest assured our commercial security services protect your property from any damages and safeguard anything of value to your business.

Scalable Security

Effective Crisis Management

A crisis can strike anytime. Our trained guards can handle emergencies such as providing proper CPR, first aid, & even fire & flood watch. Whatever crisis occurs, you’ll want our commercial security guards there for you.

Ultimate Security Shield For Anywhere

What We Offer For Commercial Security Services

Uniformed Security Guard

Most commercial security guards are uniformed. Uniformed guards act as a visual deterrent to threats with their watchful presence. Also vital in emergency situations, they can perform first aid, perimeter patrols, security risk assessments, fire & flood watch precautions, & security system installation & monitoring.

Front Desk Concierge

Front desk concierge security services are great for your business’s protection and brand. Our guards maintain building access, accept package deliveries, direct emergency personnel, maintain a visitor log, & even area patrol & monitor parking. All this with a friendly smile!

Security System Installation

At Intercept, we use the latest technologies to safeguard your business anytime & anywhere. CCTV & digital solutions for security surveillance, like 24/7 monitoring, can do the trick. Even better - pair our monitoring services with mobile patrol or alarm response for round-the-clock surveillance.

Mobile Patrol Service

Sometimes, security & safety requires immediate interception. Our mobile patrol guards are available 24/7 to respond quickly to any criminal activity or emergency that might strike suddenly. It’s the perfect means of securing large commercial spaces.
Secure Your Business With Us

Why Choose Us For Commercial Building Security

Capable & Committed

Our certified security guards’ mindsets are what sets them apart from others. We only hire the best by vetting each team member, which ensures your protection with only the most capable & committed professionals.

Top-Level Training

Our guards are the best-trained industry professionals. We prepare our guards through mandatory job-site training, general training, & ongoing coaching to ensure your unique commercial security needs are met.

Principled Professionals

Our guards have no qualms about wearing body cameras at all times for real-time reporting. For extra assurance, our GPS tracking from geofencing perimeters lets you know where our guards are on the premises.

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Keep Your Business Safe, Secure, & Protected With Intercept

Commercial security comes with unique security needs on a bigger scale. At Intercept Security Services, we’ve never been intimidated by a challenge. From years of protecting various commercial and office buildings, we have no problem handling any security threat head-on. 


Our team upholds superior commercial security services by excelling at specific training related to their unique designation. With our specialized training, we set the standard of excellence for commercial security guards by preparing them for any unique challenges or dangers. Whether it’s providing security for a construction site to an office, there is no commercial space too big or small that we can’t protect. 


Based on our experience and expertise, we know how to navigate the complexities of any industry and safeguard your business, its assets, and, ultimately your workers and clients.

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