Our History

Intercept Security Services has developed and delivered complete security solutions to companies across Alberta since January 2006. Founded by security professionals with over 15 years of experience, we are a niche provider of security services in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and Fort McMurray. We understand and practice the qualities you expect in a security company, with services tailored to your unique needs. After observing the problems that prevail in the security industry, Intercept came about as an attempt to rectify these issues and provide a more reliable solution to customers. We believe in thinking differently to reach new heights of quality and accountability. As a client-focused company, consistently aiming for excellence and satisfaction, we are driven to provide the best service to customers old and new.

Our Philosophy


We work closely with our clients in the field to build a positive relationship, and we rely on regular feedback to help improve field performance. Our supervisors also work closely with our staff in the field to provide continuous coaching and enhance employee development, communication, and supervision.

You Are Unique

We believe in providing tailored services to the unique operating conditions and demographics of your site. No job is too big or small. Contact us to discuss your security requirements, and we will find you the right security solutions within your budget.

Best People

Our hiring process involves criminal background checks, security training, and thorough reference checks. Each year, we select only 37% of the candidates that apply. Through our extensive screening process, we are careful to employ individuals of good character who are alert, honest, and reliable.

Our Culture & Values

Our Values:

Customer Focus,
Best People

Quality Statement:

At Intercept Security Services, we are dedicated to providing a consistently high level of service. This commitment is actively pursued by:

  • A company culture geared to getting it right the first time
  • High levels of supervision, and coaching
  • In-house training and customized on-site training
  • Regular employee audits to enhance performance
  • Continuous communication with customers
  • Advanced technology that helps us remain competitive
  • Vision:

    To reach new heights of quality and accountability in the security industry. We believe in challenging the status quo.


    The way we challenge the status quo is by thinking differently and offering specific, top quality, affordable, and consistent services. We will continuously think and perform differently through planning, training, supervision, feedback, and technology enhancements.

    Health & Safety

    HSE statement

    Intercept Security Services is compliant under policy to both Federal and Provincial standards.

    COR Certified

    Intercept Security Services has been certified as of 2016 with annual audits to ensure high standards.

    Safety and Workplace statement

    Intercept Security Services conducts regular personnel and workplace safety performance audits, orientations at time of employment, and regular monthly safety meetings.

    OH & S statement

    Intercept Security Services conducts and maintains hazard and threat assessments as of 2016 at the start of all projects. We also conduct quarterly reassessments as the project proceeds.