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Hospitable Hotel Security Services For Your Stay

Hotel security guards ensure your hotel and guests feel safe and secure during their stay. At Intercept Security Services, we know certain hotel security services are vital. Hotels are big and require immense area coverage to secure. On top of that, plenty of people need protection in a hotel since it’s filled to the brim with guests and employees. 

Our hotel security guard services can address these security threats from various fronts. Need surveillance to prevent theft? We can install surveillance cameras. Worried about hostile unexpected strangers entering your hotel? Our guards can keep them at bay by being a front desk concierge and providing access control. 

Whatever security your hotel requires, we can customize our security services to meet them.

What We Offer For Hotel Security Guard Services

Uniformed Security Guard

Uniformed security guards are perfect for providing peace of mind to hotel guests & employees. Such a watchful presence prevents security breaches & makes everyone feel safe on shift or during their stay.

Front Desk Concierge

Our guards can greet your guests with a friendly smile while maintaining building access, including accepting package deliveries, directing emergency personnel, maintaining a visitor log, & even area patrol & monitoring parking.

Security System Installation

Digital solutions such as CCTV for security surveillance can allow for 24/7 monitoring for your hotel. Pair our monitoring services with mobile patrol or alarm response for round-the-clock protection.

Mobile Patrol Service

A crisis can happen at the drop of a hat. Our guards are trained to prepare for anything. From performing standard first aid & CPR training to handling fire & flood watch, your guests are protected no matter what happens.
Keeping You & Guests Safe

Why Choose Our Hotel Security Guards

Capable & Committed

Hotels can’t always choose their guests. But, we can choose who to protect them. By vetting each team member, we only hire the most capable & committed professionals for your guests’ protection.

First-Class Training

We strike a balance between being the face of your hotel & facing security threats. With our first-class training, we effectively face security threats head-on & have the social skills to represent your hotel professionally.

Trustworthy Professionals

Trusting us with your guest's & employees' protection is big. We build on that trust by ensuring our guards wear body cameras at all times for real-time reporting, while GPS tracking ensures they remain on-premises.

Safeguarding Your Guest’s Stay

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Secure Your Stay With Intercept Hotel Security Officer

A good, safe stay is what every hotel should provide for guests’ experience. Our hotel security guards act as positive brand ambassadors for your hotel while being your front-line defence against threats and the first point of contact in emergencies. From our specialized training, we produce skilled guards and exceptional security services. Trust in Intercept Security Services to protect you and your guests.

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