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Safeguarding Your Health with Professional Security

Hospital security is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. As a security guard company with decades of experience in Western Canada, we recognize that hospitals have unique security needs, unlike other industries. Utilizing security measures such as surveillance cameras, security personnel, and access control systems, we can effectively deter, tackle, and de-escalate threats ranging from theft to violence to uphold your hospital’s protection. From being trained in standard first aid and CPR to handling emergency situations, we maintain a safe and secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors to ensure the continuity of care. Trust in our hospital security guards to protect public health and safety.

What We Offer For Healthcare & Hospital Security Services

Scalable Security

Uniformed Security Guards

Uniformed security guards’ can provide peace of mind to patients & healthcare with their presence alone. The sight of them can help prevent security breaches & keep you protected.

Scalable Security

Maintain Building Access

Unwelcome strangers can compromise the health & safety of patients. Our guards quickly greet visitors, accept package deliveries, & maintain a visitor log while ensuring authorized entry.

Scalable Security

Rapid Crisis Response

Every moment counts in the healthcare industry. Trained in standard first aid & CPR training, our guards are the first point of contact in emergencies & handling fire & flood watch.

Keeping You & Patients Secure

Why Choose Our Healthcare & Hospital Security Services

Dedicated & Capable

The health & safety of patients & healthcare professionals matter to us. Available 24/7 for patrols, monitoring & surveillance, you can rely on our guards for peace of mind & protection.

Specialized Training

Healthcare requires specialized security. As the best-trained individuals in the industry, our guards are equipped to handle the unique security challenges hospitals face.

Trustworthy Professionals

Trust is important when upholding healthcare security. Our guard’s willingness to wear body cameras at all times offers real-time reporting, while GPS tracking ensures they remain on-premises.

Empowering Safe Spaces

We extend a compassionate hand to those in homeless shelters and supportive housing and understand the delicate dynamics of these environments, where empathy and patience are paramount. Our security personnel are adept at fostering a secure atmosphere while upholding a respectful demeanor.

Security For Your Health & Safety

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Keep Your Safety & Health Protected With Intercept

A healthcare security guard plays an important role in upholding public health and safety. Our specialized healthcare security training ensures our guards are the front-line defence against threats to being the first point of contact in emergencies. With our skilled guards and exceptional security services, trust in Intercept Security Services to protect those most vulnerable.

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