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Unveiling Expertise: Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) & Retail Security Guards

Our comprehensive security approach is composed of two distinct yet synergistic components: 

Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) and Retail Security Guards.


Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) are an invisible safeguard against theft and illicit activities. These undercover professionals seamlessly blend into the environment, assuming various roles to apprehend wrongdoers discreetly. They confidentially observe, collect evidence, and monitor suspicious behaviour to establish Mens Rea, ensuring a proactive defence against potential threats. Unlike uniformed personnel, LPOs focus on reducing shrinkage and preventing theft from happening. They possess the authority to apprehend and detain individuals engaged in criminal actions, enhancing the security fabric with their specialized expertise.


Conversely, our retail security division is comprised of uniformed personnel who play a vital role in safeguarding both assets and individuals. These professionals serve as a highly visible deterrent against unlawful activities, instilling consumer confidence and deterring potential wrongdoers. Their primary function is to protect customers, employees, and corporate assets. However, they actively monitor and prevent the entry of repeat offenders onto the premises, maintaining a secure environment for all. In addition to their noticeable presence, they diligently patrol parking areas, ensure vehicle safety, and leverage advanced security technologies to prevent theft proactively.

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Our Comprehensive Solutions for Loss Prevention & Retail Security

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Vigilant Loss Prevention Officers (LPO)

Our LPOs exhibit a remarkable ability to identify potential theft effectively, thereby significantly eliminating product shrinkage. Beyond this, they offer comprehensive monthly reports detailing their observations. If a suspicious activity is caught on camera, our LPOs promptly spring into action, proactively investigating the matter by diligently tracking potential threats to our client's assets and interests.

Scalable Security

Professional Retail Security Guards

Our Retail Security Guards offer a strong visual deterrent against potential threats, ensuring safety for both customers and products. With their commanding presence, they bolster consumer confidence and discourage wrongdoers, safeguarding your premises and assets.

Scalable Security

Ensured Specialized Training

We understand that providing specialized training for both LPOs and Retail Security personnel is pivotal. That's why our meticulous approach ensures that our teams are equipped to offer you the precise services you require. With tailored training paths, LPOs are primed to discreetly prevent theft and maintain security, while Retail Security personnel confidently provide visible protection and reassurance.

Our Risk Assessment For Retail Businesses

At Intercept Security Services, we transcend traditional boundaries, extending our protective shield beyond malls to encompass diverse public spaces. Through strategic partnerships with key guarding sites, we engineer a robust security risk management strategy fortified by meticulous security protocols. Our approach hinges on immersive risk assessments that unearth potential vulnerabilities, enabling us to allocate resources effectively in preemptively managing foreseeable risks. These assessments encompass dynamic interactions with key personnel, detailed on-site surveys, insightful crime statistics analysis, and an in-depth evaluation of compliance with security protocols. Furthermore, our security company in Calgary, Edmonton and other cities provides recommendations for integrating cutting-edge technologies, including strategically placed surveillance cameras. Aligned with the insights gleaned from these assessments, we curate customized security solutions tailored precisely to your unique business needs.

Why Choose Us For Loss Prevention & Retail Security

Dedicated & Capable

Our exceptional security services are thanks to our dedicated & capable employees. Available 24/7, you can count on our team anytime for patrols, monitoring & surveillance. We’re confident our Loss Prevention Officers (LPO) and retail security guards can handle any security size, whether big or small.

First-Class Training

Intercept LPO's and retail security guards are some of the best-trained individuals in the industry. We are prepared for anything with mandatory job-site training, general training, & ongoing coaching to deliver your security solutions. With us, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Trustworthy Professionals

Transparency, accountability, & trust matter at Intercept. We uphold this by having our employees wear body cameras at all times for real-time reporting & setting up geofenced perimeters for GPS tracking to ensure they remain on-premises.

Ensure No Losses With Our Protection

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Don’t Be At a Loss Over Theft with Intercept

What distinguishes us in the realm of loss prevention and retail security? It’s our mindset. At Intercept Security Services, security is more than just a job; it’s woven into the fabric of our lives. Our foremost commitment revolves around safeguarding your invaluable assets, achieved through risk minimization and theft prevention accompanied by warm smiles and approachable demeanours. Beyond receiving specialized training tailored to their distinct roles, our Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) and retail security guards undergo comprehensive people skills training to interact with customers efficiently. In their roles, our employees actively cultivate positive relationships. Intercept’s LPOs and retail security guards are characterized by their friendliness, approachability, and unwavering passion for their craft. You can always rely on them to remain engaged, attentive, and vigilant.

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