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Theft is a common threat to all businesses. With our loss prevention guards, you can rest assured that they’re trained to help in several situations. For the most part, loss prevention is most pertinent in a mall or in retail locations to ensure theft protection. We also patrol parking lots, prevent theft from cars, and deploy state-of-the-art security technology to catch theft before it happens. A loss prevention security guard will walk the floor of your store or building and observe, record, and report any suspicious activity. When necessary, our staff have the authority and capability to apprehend and arrest individuals caught stealing or participating in other criminal activity. Employee education is of the utmost importance when explaining the benefits of loss prevention services and discussing how to interact with the on-site security guards, whether uniformed or not. Intercept Security Services is the security company you can count on for reliable loss prevention in Calgary.

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What We Offer For Loss Prevention & Mall Security

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Alert Loss Prevention Officers

Our loss prevention officers can identify potential theft effectively, which helps eliminate product shrinkage & ensures your customers’ safety. With consistent contact with our 24-hour control centre, we can monitor performance & welfare, & give you a digital report of daily findings.

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Detailed Loss Prevention Audits

Loss prevention audits are a great way to prevent theft. We’ll collaborate with your team to identify areas of concern, & gaps in your operations or processes to help solve your issues & prevent shrinkage.

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High-Grade Loss Prevention Technology

Having eyes & ears everywhere is what ensures ultimate protection. At Intercept, we only use the best security technology to ensure that. From security cameras to mobile patrols, we can effectively ensure loss prevention.

Our Risk Assessment For Retail Businesses

Protection for malls means having a loss prevention officer to account for all kinds of threats. At Intercept Security Services, we have plenty of experience upholding mall security and know what’s necessary to safeguard such a vast public space. Our team achieves this by partnering with major guarding sites to develop a security risk management plan and implement security policies and procedures. Risk assessments help solve problems before they arise and provide accurate evaluations to help determine the resources you need to address and contain foreseeable risks. Our comprehensive risk assessments include interviewing key staff to visiting, mapping and photographing the area, analyzing crime statistics, and measuring compliance with security procedures. We will also make recommendations for security technology, such as installing security cameras for monitoring and surveillance. Based on our assessment findings, we implement specific security services to meet your needs, catering to your circumstances for guaranteed protection. 

Why Choose Us For Loss Prevention & Mall Security

Dedicated & Capable

Our superior security services are thanks to our dedicated & capable guards. Available 24/7, you can count on our guards anytime for patrols, monitoring & surveillance. We’re confident our guards can handle any security size, whether big or small.

First-Class Training

Intercept guards are the best-trained individuals in the industry. We are prepared for anything with mandatory job-site training, general training, & ongoing coaching to deliver your security solutions. With us, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Trustworthy Professionals

Transparency, accountability, & trust matter at Intercept. We uphold this by having our guards wear body cameras at all times for real-time reporting & setting up geofenced perimeters for GPS tracking to ensure they remain on-premises.

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Don’t Be At a Loss Over Theft with Intercept

What sets up apart for loss prevention for malls and retail security? It’s our mindset. At Intercept Security Services, security isn’t just our job – it’s our way of life. Our top priority is protecting your most valuable assets by minimizing risks and preventing theft with a smile and friendly face. Besides specific training related to their unique designation, our guards receive exceptional people skills training for addressing customers. In their line of duty, our guards are encouraged to establish positive relations. Intercept’s retail and mall security guards are friendly, personable, and passionate about what they do – you can count on them to be engaged, attentive, and alert.

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