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How Much for Mobile Patrol in Calgary?

Nowadays, there are various security guard services in Calgary to ensure protection. One such security service is mobile security patrol, which has helped uphold security measures in many ways. However, only some know how mobile security patrol works and its possible benefits. From understanding everything about mobile security patrol, you can better understand its value – and whether that value is best reflected in its cost. Learn how much it can amount to and why here. 


The Value of Mobile Security Patrol

how much mobile patrol calgary

What is Mobile Security Patrol?

Some security guard services in Calgary require more than just staying in one place. Mobile security patrol offers protection by allowing security guards to move around the premises beyond a stationary location. These security guards usually drive in a vehicle to monitor suspicious behaviour or incidents. 

They uphold security and safety in various ways, which include:

  • Responding to an alarm
  • Providing random or scheduled patrols
  • Added support for static officers
  • Fire scene security
  • Real-time reporting to authorities
  • Can give CPR

There are just a few ways mobile security patrol ensures order and reports on incidents as they occur. 


How is Mobile Security Patrol Beneficial?

There is a reason why mobile security patrol has increasingly become a commonplace means of security. The fact is: mobile security patrol comes with plenty of benefits. Yet, what are they exactly? Here are a few good reasons to have mobile security patrol:

  • More Area Coverage: No premises are too big for mobile security patrol. They can maintain security for properties as big as an oilfield, hospital, retail store, or any other location. In this way, mobile security patrol ensures coverage from all areas of the premises. 
  • Faster Response Time: Even with a big property to cover, you can expect mobile security patrol to respond to security issues promptly. With such a fast response time, they can catch criminals faster and get to emergencies quicker – which could save a life! 
  • Helps Deter Crime: Uniformed security guards naturally discourage crime. However, with mobile security patrol, they’re constantly monitoring the premises by driving around routinely. In turn, it makes them look more visible and decreases the chances of crime occurring. 
  • Best For Accountability: Good security means proper conduct and accountability. With mobile security patrol, you can rest assured everything is upheld properly since officers electronically document when they arrived at your property, where they checked, and when they left – all by using handheld devices.


What’s the Cost of Mobile Security Patrol?

Regarding the cost of mobile security patrol, the price of it can vary depending on certain factors. Namely, the first would be based on the rate of the security guard company. Since many have varying services and skill levels for security guards, the price can naturally fluctuate. You can certainly expect to pay more for more specialized security services – or if your security measures require more service and the level of danger involved. That’s why it’s important to get a good grasp of what security needs you truly need and quality security guard services in Calgary that can accommodate them at an excellent price. 


Intercept Security Services (ISS) is a Calgary security company you can rely on for protection. Our highly-trained security guards can safeguard various places to meet your security needs. We can provide condo security by having a concierge security guard for residential & a skilled commercial security guard for public spaces – from a hotel, hospital, & warehouse with security guards to dealership security. Notably, we ensure loss prevention in Calgary for malls, but our expertise extends to industrial security services in oil and gas security, & providing construction site security guards. Offering remote guarding & mobile patrol services, we are the go-to security company for Calgary, Edmonton, & Kelowna. Contact us today!

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