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What is Remote Guarding?

Modern security problems require modern security solutions. Any Calgary security company nowadays has incorporated technology to improve protection better. The most notable means of doing so is via remote guarding. It can provide various forms of security measures – remotely. Learn everything you need to know about one to see whether it might fit your security needs here. 

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What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding is an advanced security solution that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and real-time video surveillance to monitor and protect properties. Instead of relying solely on physical security personnel, remote guarding combines cutting-edge technology to provide round-the-clock surveillance and threat detection.


How Does a Remote Guarding Work?

With remote guarding, its intelligence lies in distinguishing between normal activities and suspicious behaviour. It employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to detect unauthorized access, loitering, or unusual movements. When an abnormality is detected, remote guarding can trigger alerts and takes appropriate actions, such as notifying the property owner, alerting authorities, or activating additional security measures.


Types of Remote Guarding Solutions

Mostly, there is no place where remote guarding can’t be implemented – big or small. For residential homes, it’s great for inside your home, driveways, and garages. Meanwhile, commercially, it’s the go-to security solution – notably for construction sites, parking lots, and critical infrastructure. Depending on your security needs, you can choose various remote options. Check out the following here:


Video Surveillance Systems

These rely on advanced video surveillance technologies to monitor and analyze live video feeds from multiple cameras strategically placed throughout the premises. Such systems may employ high-definition, thermal imaging, or 360-degree panoramic cameras to capture detailed images and provide comprehensive coverage of the area under surveillance.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Remote guarding often incorporates AI and machine learning algorithms to enable intelligent threat detection. These algorithms analyze video footage in real-time, learning patterns of normal behaviour and identifying anomalies that may indicate potential security threats. By continuously improving their capabilities through machine learning, it becomes more accurate and efficient in detecting suspicious activities.


Video Analytics

Furthermore, they also utilize video analytics tools to enhance their monitoring capabilities. These tools can perform various functions, such as object detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and behaviour analysis. These advanced analytics help identify specific objects or individuals of interest, track movement patterns, and trigger alerts based on predefined criteria.


Remote Access & Control 

Commonly, they often provide remote access and control features. In turn, authorized personnel can monitor and manage security systems from anywhere. It can be achieved through web-based portals, mobile applications, or dedicated software interfaces. Remote access enables real-time viewing of video feeds, receipt of notifications and alerts, and the ability to interact with the system.


Integrated Alarm Systems

You can also have these integrated with alarm systems to provide a comprehensive security solution. When it comes to remote guarding detecting a potential threat, such as unauthorized access or suspicious activity, they can trigger alarms, activate sirens or strobe lights, and send notifications to the appropriate parties. Integration with access control systems enables it to grant or deny entry remotely.


Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication capabilities allow authorized personnel to communicate directly with individuals on the premises. It can be achieved through intercom systems or audio-enabled cameras. With remote guarding, two-way communication can provide verbal warnings, gather information, or request assistance when necessary.


Cloud-Based Storage & Analysis

Lastly, they often leverage cloud-based storage solutions to store and analyze video footage. Storing data in the cloud provides scalability, accessibility, and redundancy. It allows for efficient storage management, easy retrieval of recorded footage, and long-term archiving. With remote guarding, the cloud-based analysis also leverages powerful computing capabilities for advanced video analytics.


Traditional Guards vs Remote Guarding: What’s the Difference?

Unlike traditional security guards who are physically present on-site, remote guarding operates differently. As its name posits, it operates remotely from a centralized location. Through an interconnected network of security cameras, sensors, and monitoring systems, they continuously observe the premises, analyze video feeds, and identify potential security threats.


Key Benefits of a Remote Guarding 

There are various benefits a Calgary security company can provide with remote guarding. Here are just a few of the most notable ones:

  • Unwavering Vigilance: It operates 24/7, monitoring the property without breaks or fatigue. This constant watchfulness ensures that security breaches or threats are swiftly detected and responded to, mitigating potential risks and minimizing damage.
  • Cost-Effective Security: Compared to a large team of physical security guards, you can save money by using remote guarding. They can cover larger areas, reducing the need for multiple personnel and the associated costs of recruitment, training, insurance, and benefits. 
  • Interactive Remote Monitoring: Property owners or authorized personnel can access live video feeds, receive real-time alerts, and communicate directly using secure web portals or dedicated mobile applications. This interactive experience allows for increased control and involvement in security monitoring, regardless of the physical location.


Intercept Security Services (ISS) is a Calgary security company you can rely on for protection. Our highly-trained security guards can safeguard various places to meet your security needs. We can provide condo security by having a concierge security guard for residential & a skilled commercial security guard for public spaces – from a hotel, hospital, & warehouse with security guards to dealership security. Notably, we ensure loss prevention in Calgary for malls, but our expertise extends to industrial security services in oil and gas security, & providing construction site security guards. Offering remote guarding & mobile patrol services, we are the go-to security company for Calgary, Edmonton, & Kelowna. Contact us today!

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