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How Private Mobile Security Services Benefit Commercial Properties

Security is an essential consideration for all commercial properties. While some owners invest in advanced security systems with cameras and sensors, there are other options available. In fact, one of the best options for your commercial property may be private mobile security services. This involves security personnel who are assigned a patrol area. 


These personnel actively monitor situations and can respond in person. There are several reasons why choosing a private mobile security service might be the right option for your commercial property.


Mobile Security Service


Private Mobile Security Is An Active Presence

One key benefit of going with a private mobile security service is that it is an active presence. Security cameras and monitors do keep tabs on the property, but they cannot respond in real-time. When you have actual personnel in the area, problems are dealt with directly. The response time is significantly diminished, which means that your property is much safer than before. As an active presence, private mobile security services can also deal with problems proactively. This means that issues can be mitigated before they become severe problems for your commercial property.


Private Mobile Security Can Be Affordable

Another benefit of choosing private mobile security services is cost. All security requires an investment, and most people think that going with cameras and sensors is the cheapest way to go. This is not always the case. Mobile security services can be surprisingly affordable. This is especially true when you add in all the hidden costs of cameras and monitoring. To be effective, security cameras must be maintained and hooked up to monitor feeds. This means you have to pay people to monitor the feeds and respond to situations. Once you start adding up these additional fees, the cost really becomes significant. Therefore, be sure to consider the affordable rate options with private mobile security.


Private Mobile Security Will Be A Strong Crime Deterrent

Finally, security needs to be effective. That is why private mobile security is so beneficial to your commercial property. A few other options will actively deter crime and keep your property as safe as it can be. While security cameras have been shown to stop some crime effectively, a mobile security unit is a more effective deterrent. With actual people patrolling the area, criminal activity and trespassing are strongly discouraged. This makes your commercial property less of a target.


Since 2006, Intercept Security Services has provided companies in Western Canada with the complete security solution. We have a range of security guard services that companies can use to secure the safety of their establishments. All ISS security guards receive in-class training, specific site training that better prepares them, and are trained to respond to all types of situations. We work to establish long and fruitful client relationships thanks to our beliefs in trust, integrity, straight-forward communication and meeting the needs of our clients. For the best security guard services in Calgary, Edmonton and the whole of Alberta, call our general number on 1-(855)-543-8477 or email us at [email protected].   

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