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What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management is a comprehensive approach for identifying and remediating possible weaknesses in computer systems. Its goal is to patch problems before they become a security issue. These preemptive measures create a more secure environment for your organization’s computers and networks. Few Calgary security guard services use it, where it can run on either Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, etc. 

Benefits of Vulnerability Management

Reduces Risk

Risk reduction is certainly one of the core benefits of vulnerability management. The fewer holes and weaknesses you have, you lessen your chances of becoming exploited. It’s that simple! When security becomes a priority, it ensures a safety standard in the workplace.

Calgary security guard services vulnerability management

Improves Posture

Having a security professional in a single point of contact within your organization has an excellent position to ensure any vulnerabilities are patched, regardless of who does patching. This security measure adds an unexpected benefit. Since you’re no longer burdened with patching, you will find it will improve the postures of your employees!

Improved Communication

Vulnerability management allows the security professional to communicate with your IT staff and other related departments, such as HR and Communications persons, who would otherwise be left out of the loop. They can efficiently streamline information for everyone by saving time and needless confusion as new changes are implemented, allowing everybody to stay on the same page. It not only ensures security but fosters a more cohesive workplace as well.

Greater Visibility into Vulnerabilities

Having a trained security person on your side gives you access to that all-important information about vulnerabilities in your environment. They have available tech like Nessus scanning tools that you can run yourself. It scans your computer and detects any vulnerabilities that your computer network could be susceptible to potential hacks. These advanced vulnerability management software solutions will leave you protected.

Reduced Patch Costs 

Because they know your environment, the security professional can prioritize patches based on the likelihood of a breach or compromise. They can also help you make smart choices about which patches to install and which ones not to install – saving you money. 

Adaptable to Your Needs

The security professional will work with you during the initial development of the vulnerability management program to design a method that works for your organization. The result will be a step-by-step process tailored to your environment, making it easy for your security team to use and adopt. 

Increases Awareness 

Ultimately, the user benefits the most from a well-executed vulnerability management program. Users benefit from bringing efficiency into their jobs due to a secure environment and because they will be reminded of recommended security measures such as changing passwords regularly. 

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