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Why Security Cameras Are Not A Breach of Privacy

As a collective, we are constantly striving to find the perfect balance between privacy and security. While we appreciate the notion of not having our every movement tracked, the peace of mind afforded to us by security systems can also be rewarding. That’s why security guard companies in Edmonton are always working to uphold both ends of the spectrum.

When it comes to security cameras, some may be surprised to learn that they aren’t a breach of privacy, despite a lack of consent to be filmed. So how is it that security cameras are acceptable in public spaces?

Let’s explore below why security cameras are not a breach of privacy.

Understanding Why Security Cameras Aren’t A Breach of Privacy

Public vs Private Spaces

When installing security cameras, it’s first important to properly define the space in which you are hoping to monitor. In Canada, the use of security cameras in public spaces is generally legal, and they have proven to offer several benefits. To start, people are less likely to commit a crime and harm those around them when they know their actions are being recorded. Additionally, recordings of any crimes that do occur can be used as evidence, allowing both law enforcement and the owners of the security cameras to take legal action. 

However, security cameras are not legal in private spaces. Private spaces can be defined as anywhere an individual would reasonably expect privacy, such as washrooms, changing rooms, and locker rooms.

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Audio Recording

Another key reason why security cameras aren’t a breach of privacy is that there are strict rules regarding audio recording. In Canada, you need the consent of all parties included in a video recording to include audio, so while many security cameras have the features to permit audio recording, they are often disabled. This ensures no laws are being broken and that individuals who have been caught on camera can not take legal action.

Employee Areas

Installing security cameras in employee areas, such as break rooms and receiving docks, is more of a grey area. While it is certainly legal, it has the potential to decrease morale, as employees will feel as though their employers do not trust them. However, a positive that comes with installing cameras is that it reduces any instances of harassment. Ultimately, it is up to the employer whether this course of action offers more advantages than disadvantages.

While security cameras are not legally a breach of privacy in most instances, it’s important to be thoroughly educated on where you are allowed to install them. By reaching out to a security guard company in Edmonton, you can feel confident that all regulations are being followed.

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