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Trust a Virtual Guard For Your Security Solution

At Intercept Security Services, a virtual guard can easily meet your security needs – remotely. A simple security camera installation can ensure all-around protection anywhere at any time. Through closed-circuit television and IP-based digital solutions, our live video monitoring provides 24/7 coverage that allows for real-time reporting and rapid response time. All at a reduced cost compared to on-site guards. We employ the latest technologies, which include dome, bullet, or box cameras, day and night video technology, infrared illumination, digital video recorders, touch screen monitor surveillance, mobile connectivity for remote detection, and more. Ensure protection from anywhere at any time with Intercept!

What We Offer For Virtual Guard Services

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Camera Installation

Being current with the latest security technologies matters. We employ CCTV & digital solutions for security surveillance to ensure ultimate protection for homes, malls, office buildings, or construction sites.

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Remote Monitoring

With the latest security cameras & equipment, we offer 24/7 monitoring and management of them. From anywhere at any time, you can ensure full security coverage.

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Combined Surveillance

Achieve ultimate protection by pairing our monitoring services with mobile patrol or alarm response. With round-the-clock surveillance, you can easily safeguard your property indefinitely.

Virtual Guard For Versatile Security

Why Choose Us For Remote Security & Monitoring

Reliable & Capable

We’re here for you 24/7. Whether it’s monitoring & surveilling to arriving in person at your site, our guards can handle any security job - no matter how big or small.

Tech-Savvy Training

From our mandatory job-site training & ongoing coaching, our guards are no strangers to working as virtual guards. Wherever they’re remotely located, you can ensure peace of mind protection.

Trustworthy & Accountable

Our guards are trusted for their willingness to wear body cameras at all times. Along with real-time reporting, GPS tracking from geofencing perimeters lets you know where our guards are on the premises.

A Virtual Shield for Your Property

See Why Our Clients Love Virtual Guard Services

Virtual Guard Interception For Your Protection

All-around protection starts with a virtual guard. Our 24/7 surveillance safeguards via face detection, crowd detection, time analysis, perimeter monitoring, intrusion detection, and vehicle license plate recognition. Keep tabs on a situation easily with our instant paperless reporting and remote monitoring. For the best virtual guard, turn to Intercept Security Services for cost-effective, reliable security.

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