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Can Security Guards Use Force?

The role of a security guard can be an unpredictable one. While some days or nights on the job may be fairly standard, there will likely come a time when you will need to protect the property you are hired to guard.

However, what measures are security guards permitted to take to ensure the safety of the property and the people inside it? Let’s take a look.

Are Security Guards Allowed To Use Force?

It’s important to remember that security guards are not police officers. There are greater limitations surrounding what security guard services in Calgary are permitted to. While they are given authority over the premises they are assigned to, they are ultimately members of the public.

However, as members of the public, security guards are allowed to apprehend perpetrators by enacting a citizen’s arrest. This comes with certain legal protections.

(For information on a security guard’s right to arrest someone in Canada, click here!)

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A 2003 Supreme Court of Canada ruling upheld the right of people to use reasonable force when making a citizen’s arrest. This allows security guards to take more active measures if the scenario they have found themselves in ends up being more aggressive on the side of the accused. This can include situations where the perpetrator is being assaultive or attempting to cause serious bodily harm to the security guard. 

However, it’s also important to register the term “reasonable force”. Section 26 of the Criminal Code of Canada states that individuals who use force are also criminally responsible for any excess of force in these circumstances. 

Security guard services in Calgary diligently train their staff to ensure they thoroughly understand force theory and when it is appropriate to use force on the job.

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